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 Honouring Indigenous Peoples
and Colonisers

Healing Initiatives for Indigenous Peoples and Colonisers

The Indigenous Peoples Embassy is in service to Matriarchs of Indigenous People.

Indigenous Peoples Embassy is developing initiatives to heal the traumas of colonialism for the colonisers and colonised. 

Many colonised lands have witnessed centuries of trauma for their Indigenous peoples and their colonisers. Indigenous people worldwide have common stories of genocides, land theft, broken families, exploitation, residential schools, enslavement, child trafficking and dehumanisation...  Colonisers have common stories of dehumanising narratives, stolen land, exploitation, segregation, enslavement and injecting abuse in Indigenous communities. It is a traumatic state of being, to be oppressed, it is also a traumatic state of being to be an oppressor. An oppressor loses compassion for other humans, they compromise their ability to love.

All the help given by colonial governments to indigenous peoples is tainted with some level of disrespect, there is always an agenda of continual subjugation. When colonisers come around to apologising for their crimes against humanity, the benevolence will flow freely..

Apologies for colonial atrocities are not for the benefit of the Indigenous peoples, Indigenous people have to keep finding ways to process and heal their traumas with or without the help of their colonisers. Pointing and blaming the colonisers distracts from the self-care needed.


Apologies will arrest the evolution and development of racist values used to justify colonisation and enslavement. Apologies would mean the UK would never again have a prime minister who is an unapologetic racist, Islamaphobic sexist, homophobic joker (Boris Johnson). Apologies will also mean the US, UK and Australia will end their complicity in the brutal colonisation of West Papua by Indonesia. #FreeWestPapua, #FreeWestPapuaWithLove. We can choose how we want to evolve. Apologies will help populations to increase their love and humility.  

Colonial wars came with environmental wars and wars against women. Matriarchal systems in Indigenous communities were damaged. Supporting the rise of matriarchs is the best way to repair indigenous communities.

'get over it'


When Indigenous Peoples complain about how they been treated, they are told, 'get over it, it happened a long time ago'. Implying we cannot go back and it cannot be fixed. What is really meant is, the colonisers do not want to give up the land and homes, which many have worked hard to achieve. This is completely understandable, because a safe home is a fundamental need and people will compromise their morality to ensure their well-being. The Indigenous Peoples are never asked how would they like to get over their centuries of misery. The right thing to do is to allow the Indigenous People to get over it the way they choose to.

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