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An inResidentPermit is an Indigenous Peoples-approved resident permit.

Many people in Australia, USA, Latin America and other places are living on stolen land, regardless of whether they ‘legally’ purchased or inherited the land, it is still stolen land. Even if there was a treaty, all the treaties are void because it was all done under duress. Colonialism comes with a relentless momentum of extermination and subjugation. Families are broken. Traumas evolve over generations. The subjugation and extermination evolve too. When we do wrong we have to justify it to keep our conscience from tearing itself apart. History books are sanitised and horrific stories are glorified, with mantras of "get over it". It's easy to blind people to the horrors of the past because they are too awful to hear. The traumas of supremacy trap people in a cycle of dehumanising Indigenous Peoples.


An inResidents permit is a way of acknowledging Indigenous People as the custodians of the land by supporting Indigenous communities directly. When hate goes away, our ability to love is illuminated more.

Benefits of an inResidentPermit


If you are living on colonised lands without the permission of Indigenous People, you are playing a part in the subjugation of Indigenous People. An inResidentPermit will give you permission to live on the land from the Indigenous Peoples.

An inResidentPermit means a coloniser does not resonate with the genocide and atrocities which took place on the land. It also means colonisers recognise the true custodians of the land.

An inResidentPermit is beneficial in many ways.

  • The contempt and anger the colonisers feel when they are confronted with Indigenous Peoples's rights will subside.

  • The conscience of colonisers will be more at ease because they will no longer have to collude in the dehumanise Indigenous Peoples to justify their legitimacy to living on stolen land.

  • Racism which stems from the colonial mentality will subside.

  • Humility will be promoted.

  • Indigenous people would be uplifted by knowing that they are now respected more.

  • Indigenous communities will thrive from the cultural investment generated from the revenue of the inResidentPermits.

  • Less hatred makes way for more Love  

All funds will be given to initiatives to support Matriarchs in Indigenous communities to invest in the arts and culture of their Indigenous communities.


We ask the communities for an optional commission to reinvest in developing more services.  

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