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Many people visit countries like Australia, USA, Latin America and other places which were colonised. Many are not aware of when they enter colonised countries, they enter with a similar essence to Captain Cook or Christopher Columbus, paying no respect to the Indigenous People of the land. An inVisa means you can enter with humility, paying respect to the traditional Indigenous custodians of the land.

Benefits of an inVisa

If you are visiting colonised lands you may be disrespecting the Indigenous Peoples. You will enter without acknowledging the traditional custodians of the land. Effectively to some degree, you will be sanctioning all the atrocities which led to the subjugation and marginalisation of the Indigenous People today. It was genocide and cruel abominations which have paved the way to build colonised countries. 

An inVisa means you do not resonate with the disrespect of Indigenous Peoples when you enter their lands.

An inVisa is beneficial in many ways.

  • You will enter indigenous lands with humility

  • You will not have to compromise your integrity by entering indigenous lands without consent

  • Indigenous people will directly benefit from your visit

  • You will not resonate with the spirit of Captain Cook, Christopher Columbus or other genocidal so-called 'heroes'

  • You recognise the true custodians of the land

  • Less anxiety increases your capacity to Love 

When visiting Australia, the Americas and other places, all the fun and joy is tainted because people do not pay respect to the Indigenous Peoples of the land. Entering a land without honouring the custodians is like embracing the spirit of genocide used to develop the land. An inVisa acts as an antidote to those negative feelings. People will pay respect to Indigenous People and ask for permission to visit their ancestral lands. That spirit of genocide will not follow you back home. 

All funds will be given to initiatives to support Matriarchs in Indigenous communities to invest in the arts and culture of their Indigenous communities.


We ask the communities for an optional commission to reinvest in developing more services.  

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