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Colonial governments have 'legalised' the theft of Indigenous lands. The theft also comes with the continual levels of misery, oppression, subjugation and dehumanisation of Indigenous Peoples. In reality, the stolen land is still stolen land regardless of the land being purchased, inherited or sanctioned by immoral laws. Colonisers and their descendants do not want to see themselves as thieves, so a warped sense of justice is adopted, laced with a touch of forgetism, dehumanisation and continual subjugation. 

Indigenous peoples will continue to suffer in ways the colonisers may never truly appreciate. Coloniser often cite technological advancements as a blessing, while casting a shadow over the liberty and freedoms of indigenous peoples.

The current immigration systems in colonised countries support the malevolence of the past by continuing to ignore the voice and wishes of Indigenous People. For example, when a person visits Australia, they enter without acknowledging the Indigenous Peoples. They are effectively travelling like Captain Cook who originally disregarded the wishes of the custodians of the land, the aboriginal peoples. 

Indigenous Peoples have been waiting hundreds of years for justice.


Indigenous Resident permits will give permission for the colonisers to live on indigenous lands. The colonisers will no longer have to compromise their compassion, morality, sense of justice or ability to love another human being. The indigenous people will have their esteem raised to when they are restored as the custodians of their land.


Indigenous Visas are issued to people visiting indigenous lands. The visitors will now be able to enter indigenous lands with humility. Indigenous Peoples will once again be able to welcome visitors with open hearts.

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