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Custodian - Kwame Djemjem

[ Creative Artivist ]

Indigenous People in colonised lands all over the world are in perpetual anguish and pain. Many are subjugated and marginalised which makes them feel like prisoners on their own ancestral lands. 

Many colonialists are in pain too, having a superiority complex is as detrimental as the pain they inflict. Their ability to love others is compromised as they take no action to reconcile with their existence on Indigenous lands.

The Indigenous Peoples Embassy is currently a very small one person part-time organisation. My motives are selfish, I do not want to feel the pain of subjugated people anywhere. This platform will hopefully grow into a worldwide support structure to encourage people to treat Indigenous People in colonised lands with respect.

The current immigration systems in colonised countries support the malevolence of the past by continuing to ignore the voice and wishes of Indigenous People. For example, when a person visits Australia, they enter without acknowledging the Indigenous Peoples. They are effectively travelling like Captain Cook who originally disregarded the wishes of the custodians of the land, the aboriginal peoples. The people who settled/invaded Australia and other nations are continuing to live without the consent of the Indigenous Peoples. Australia is built on stolen land, regardless of inheritance or purchase, it is still stolen land. 

'get over it'


When Indigenous Peoples complain about how they are treated, they are told, 'get over it, it happened a long time ago'. Implying we cannot go back and it cannot be fixed. What is really meant is, the colonisers do not want to give up the land and homes, which many have worked hard to achieve. This is completely understandable. The Indigenous Peoples are never asked how would they like to get over their centuries of misery. The right thing to do is to allow the Indigenous People to get over it the way they choose to.

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