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Custodian - Kwame Djemjem

[ Creative Artivist ]

I am a Creative Artivist. I create art for activism and I facilitate workshops to inspire self love. 
I am the founder of, I make infinite love jewellery that reflects our eternal essence. 

I am the founder of, I make Pyramids of Love. I like to occupy empty plinths with Pyramids of Love. I have only done this twice, so far.

I am the founder of NurturingCreatives, an initiative to inspire people to be more creative. 

I am the founder of @InfiniteLoveRituals . I collaborate with awesome people to deliver holistic creative inspiring workshops.

I am most proud of Indigenous Peoples Embassy. I am in service to the Matriarchs of indigenous communities. I feel patriarchal values infected indigenous communities and the only way to repair them is by supporting the matriarchs in their communities.

The Indigenous Peoples Embassy is currently a very small one person part-time organisation. My motives are selfish, I do not want to feel the pain of subjugated people anywhere. This platform will hopefully grow into a worldwide support structure to encourage people to treat Indigenous People in colonised lands with respect.

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