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I am petitioning the United Kingdom government to return all the artefacts taken from other countries.

If we take something which does belong to us, we can be sent to prison. This is what we teach our children and it is the law of the land. 

Our UK government teaches us differently, there is no retribution for theft and they keep most of what has been stolen. To add insult to injury the UK government has offered to loan some of the stolen artefacts back to the peoples they were stolen from. 


I invite you to help the UK government to lead by example and stop giving mixed messages of what is right and wrong. Return the stolen artefacts.

Our museums may become empty.

There will be concerns over the safe transportation of artefacts.

The upkeep of returned artefacts may be challenging. 

Its a price worth paying for our young generation to have morally correct role models in government.

Too name a few stolen artefacts 

Nigeria: Benin Bronzes

Greece: Elgin Marbles

Egypt: The Rosetta Stone

India: Koh-i-Noor Diamond

China: Imperial Treasures, over 23,000 items

This petition extends to the body parts and remains of indigenous peoples.

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